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Are you a sensitive soul?

Do you get overwhelmed easily by people’s energy?

Do you care deeply about helping others, animals, or the environment?

Do you feel misunderstood but always understanding others?

Are you afraid to stand up for yourself because it may upset someone?

If you said yes to any of these then you are a sensitive soul and you have found yourself in the right place. You are someone who hasn’t seen what’s possible by owning your gifts and standing in their power. This is what I will show you - how to be strong in who you naturally are. 


Let’s kickstart your inner light! I guide and support sensitive souls in accepting and feeling empowered in their sensitivity to experience more freedom in their lives — through Life Coaching, Yoga, and Reiki.

Laura is unique for a life coach. She doesn’t just talk about what she knows, and she doesn’t just recite learned teaching points. She connects with what’s really going on inside of you, and then focuses her session on giving you action steps. These are not generic insights; they are specific, to the point, useful courses of action. An hour with her can be life changing.



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