90-Day Golden 8 Elevate Experience

This 90-day experience is for empaths and highly sensitive souls who are feeling drained, overwhelmed, yet driven to answer the bigger purpose that’s been on your heart. Together we’ll elevate your life using a blend of coaching, reiki, essential oils, and meditations to focus on getting your channel clear and your heart re-open for the year to come.

 Here’s what’s included:

 -9 coaching calls (3x/month for three months, 60 minutes each)

-All calls recorded to listen to indefinitely

-Weekly accountability form to keep you and us on track

-Unlimited email and text support

-3 x 10 minute meditations to correlate with the theme of each month

-1 x essential oil spray – custom made by Laura

-3 x distance reiki sessions (1x/at the end of each month. We will not be on a call for this - I will do this separately with your permission and a set time and I will email you any notes/messages I receive)

-Based on what surfaces in our calls you will also walk away with additional material (exercises, handouts, book recommendations) to help with your continued support and to build up your own ‘toolbox’.

Each month we will explore a new topic:  Being, Doing and Having

March - Being

We’ll explore your model of the world, how it’s been serving you, and what new stories you would like to rewrite.

 April - Doing

We’ll explore what the action steps involved in this new vision of yourself and your goals and how can we implement them to set you up for success.

 May - Having

We’ll explore your money beliefs, your ability to receive, and how you can move forward in a way that feels more freeing and natural to pursue your goals.


The investment for the 90 days is $999. I am collecting a $150 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot in the program followed by three payments of $283.

 Interested in Applying?

Schedule your 60 minute call to see if this is the right fit to support you on the next phase of your journey.