The Labyrinth

While at the Chakra Retreat a couple of weeks ago I had another really profound moment. On the land that we were staying at there was a Labyrinth. A friend and I were hiking and when we came across it we decided to take a walk through.

As I began to walk towards the fountain in the center I became fascinated with how it was designed. I found myself looking ahead trying to figure out the pattern and looking forward to getting to the center. As I’m walking around I notice at some points you get close and think you are at the center and then the next several steps actually took you further from the center.  It felt like it was taking forever to get to the destination.

I then began to realize that walking through the Labyrinth is how I walk through life. Looking ahead. Always trying to figure out how the path is laid out. Always playing out every scenario and decision in my head of all the different directions that one decision could take. I look at all the good and the bad that could come from the outcome and attempt to prepare myself for both.

If I had a superpower this would probably be it. I’m really good at being logical and analytical. I admit though I can overdue this at times (more than I’d like to cop to though). But I feel having this foresight and vision has prepared me well and landed me in some great situations in life.

But as I recognized this pattern walking through the Labyrinth I decided to walk away from the center with a different approach. I wanted to be super present and in the moment the whole way out. I had a little trouble at first but then had fun with it and noticed things I hadn’t noticed on my trip inward. I started with my feet and the ground. I noticed how my feet weren’t enjoying my shoes. My feet felt constricted. I noticed how my feet were touching the ground, like they had a purpose and places to go. I noticed how the sun felt really warm on my legs and arms. I noticed the rocks that lined the path and how certain rocks I felt drawn to and others not so much. How some stones sparkled in the sunlight and others had a dull color to them. I noticed that I felt a little on edge taking things so slow. It was outside my comfort zone a bit but I also noticed how I was just allowing myself to feel that way. And the next thing I knew I was at the end, back where this whole Labyrinth journey started. Time flew by on my trip out.

I began to realize that in my life right now I need to slow down. I’m constantly working on myself, my business, figuring out ways to shine brightly so people can see the skills I have to offer. I realized that if I could slow down just a little bit with all of those things that maybe they would actually progress quicker. Of course, my natural response is that I’m not working hard enough and have to keep pushing myself forward figuring out all the steps, but is that the truth? I don’t think that’s my truth anymore. My truth is changing. I love the part of me that is logical, analytical and can figure out actions plans and see the big picture. That will never go away. But there is something really special about being in the moment and experiencing every aspect of it.

This is exactly what yoga talks about. Being in the present moment, experiencing it, feeling it, processing it. Bringing our breath together with our movement and becoming more mindful of the moment in front of us. The only moment we are guaranteed of.

This past year has been a special opportunity to reinvent myself since I quit my ‘job’ and I want to really experience this time. I want to feel all the challenges and all the triumphs. I want to feel all the nervousness as I continue to step outside my comfort zones and then feel when stepping outside my comfort zone isn’t as scary as it used to be.

I realized though that I have been slowly doing just that this year. I’ve been feeling all of these moments. It’s just that the Labyrinth took it to a new level for me. A level where I could physically see and feel the difference between taking these two approaches to life. I plan on continuing to blend the two approaches even more in my life and I’m excited to see and experience this new feeling.

Have you had similar experiences? Or can you relate in anyway? If so I’d love to hear from you!



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