This past weekend I went on my 4th Chakra Retreat over the past 6 years. Every retreat always brings profound shifts and changes for me. Normally, the shifts are all of the things I’d like to work on and they tend to bring some heavy emotions along with them. This year was different though.

I mean, I still had my moments of realization with each chakra on areas that I’d love to continue improving upon, but the biggest revelation I had was how much I have grown since my first Chakra retreat six years ago. I remember going to my first retreat not having a clue what a chakra was and had only taken a few classes from one of the teachers leading the retreat. I knew no one. I was shy, nervous, scared, but knew I needed to be there. And boy was it ever mind-blowing. I met some of the most incredible people, learned about this fascinating energetic system, and started on my yoga path.

Walking into the retreat this past weekend was a very different experience. I knew about 80% of the people, I teach my students about the chakras, and I had confidence. I am typically the type of person that is very aware of all of the things I need to improve upon myself. I’ll be honest and admit that it’s not necessarily the most balanced approach, but I’m addicted to growing, learning, and becoming a more enlightened person.

In this retreat I had this really beautiful realization of how much I have grown and changed. It’s like I know that I have, but I haven’t really been able to see it on a day-to-day basis. Getting away for the weekend, reflecting on past experiences and how I would have handled certain situations in the past was eye opening. I now handle those same things in a more healthy and confident way.  I’m not so shy, nervous, or scared anymore.

It was so incredibly amazing for me to have these moments of actually being able to see and feel my growth. It was a reflection of seeing how being on this yoga path has improved every part of my life. It’s improved my relationships, my health, my quality of life, my confidence, my happiness, and has allowed me to get more in tune with my soul.

The first session we had the teachers referred to the weekend as a time to shine our souls. To clear away that which no longer serves us so that we can shine even brighter. I feel it accomplished that and more. I’m ready to shine brightly.

After reading this maybe you can take a moment to reflect on your path. Whatever path you are on can you stop, take a look back, and see the changes in your life. Do you like these changes? Or is there a new path you’d like to start down? As always, I’m here to help you gain clarity if that’s something you are missing.

Sending you the warmest hugs and smiles,


Laura HaugComment