Growth in 2014

Another year has come and gone and I find myself reflecting on the 2014. The past year plays through my mind much like a sports highlight reel, reliving the ‘plays’ that brought opportunities, joy, and happiness to my life. But my highlight reel differs a bit from the traditional highlight reel. I also see the challenging moments, those moments where I faced adversity. I include these moments as highlights because they brought great growth to my life.

Some of the highlights this past year have been starting my own yoga business (Golden 8 Yoga), turning 30, completing a 500 hour Holistic Yoga Practitioner program, becoming a Certified Angel Card Reader & Reiki Practitioner, becoming an aunt for the 7th time, and co-leading some of my first workshops.

Some of the adversities I faced in this highlight reel included fear, worry, doubt, and depression. There were times when I was questioning everything I was doing and how I was doing it. Times where things felt like they weren’t moving forward and opportunities weren’t coming despite my best efforts. I remember I would go a week or two at a time feeling super down and not sure which way to turn.

I’m happy to say that the down days are much fewer than earlier in the year. In fact the down days are drastically fewer than the past couple of years. This tells me that all the work I’ve been doing to improve my life, my happiness, my joy is starting to show in bigger ways than I could initially see at the beginning of the year.

So, as I reflect on this past year the word that I feel sums it all up for me is, Growth. Growth in my happiness and myself. Growth in my relationships and friendships. Growth in my business. Growth spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Yes, growth. That sums up my year.

And now as we near a New Year I can take what I found to be beneficial for me into the future year. To name a few things I’ll be continuing is my personal yoga practice, amazing friendships, wonderful information from my trainings, a great relationship, and lots of smiles. I’m ready to leave behind worry, fear, doubt, and depression. And if those things do creep back in, I’ll aim to view them as an opportunity for self-examination and see what is actual truth and what is only an illusion.

I have to say I’m very excited for what the New Year will bring. Not just for myself, but also for my students, my family, my friends, and all of the new people I’ll meet along the way.

I hope you were able to look back fondly on your year and draw joy from those amazingly happy moments, and draw strength from your struggles.

Wishing you a wonderfully Happy New Year!



Laura HaugComment