Lucky Number 8

Perhaps, the thought has possibly crossed your mind about the significance of the number 8 and why it’s in my business name. So, let me take you on a little journey of its meaning for me. The number 8 has always been my lucky number. It began back in high school. One of my older sisters had staked claim to the lucky number 7. And, because I always looked up to her and respected her and wanted to be as similar as possible to her, I decided to go with the number 8. It was close to her number and 6 didn’t really resonate with me. So there it is. Not the most glamorous way to pick a favorite number, but it worked for me, especially seeing how that number has since grown in significance for me over the years.

The number 8 really started to make sense for me when I moved to Los Angeles. My first year in LA was extremely difficult for me. I moved 8 times that first year. I found the 8th place 8 days before the deadline and was the 8th apartment I had looked at! It was a little studio apartment that served as my cocoon as I was transitioning into this crazy new world. I absolutely loved that little place that I found. All of those 8’s gave me a boost of faith. In a very challenging and transitional time of my life, I was exactly where I needed to be.

 I’m noticing another trend that’s happening right now. I’m sure there were quite a few other significant 8’s along the way, but the most current ones have been giving me a boost of faith yet again that I’m on the right path. July 2014 marked the 8th year that I’ve been in Los Angeles. July 2014 marked the 8th month that I’ve been out of a stressful job that I quit. 8 months of being self-employed, building up my yoga business. And, for months now, several times a day, when I glance at a clock it always reads :08. Every time I see these 8’s, I just smile. Maybe it’s pure coincidence, but in a strange way it just motivates me to keep pressing forward.

 To add the cherry on top, my first year doing yoga and going on the yoga retreat (that changed my life) was in 2008! Now, here I am pursuing my yoga passion in the 8th year since I’ve moved to LA.

 So, those are the highlights of the meaning of 8 for me. I’m curious though, what is your favorite number? Or what other signs remind you that you are on the right path?

Smiles and Hugs,



Laura HaugComment