Satya - Truthfulness

As you may remember, in my first blog post I began to dive into the Yamas & Niyamas. I spoke about the first Yama: Ahimsa - Non-Harming. Today I want to explore the second Yama: Satya - Truthfulness.

Lately, I’ve been playing with what Satya really means. When I hear this word Satya or Truthfulness my mind first goes to asking if I’m being honest with others. Is there anyone I’m not being completely truthful with? Or any situation I haven’t been real about? But as I discover Satya more, I begin to turn those questions around on myself. Am I being completely truthful with myself? Am I being honest about how I feel about this situation/person/thing? What needs to be expressed to others and what do I need to continue discovering on my own right now?

I think this term of being truthful or honest with ourselves can go much deeper than we might think at first. When I begin to break down different situations in my life and ask if I’m being honest about each situation, I find that my first thoughts are, “Of course I’m being honest.” But then when I really explore what that means I find there could be some deeper truths for me. Some new revelations or discovering old patterns may appear and some already have. It can be difficult at times to really get honest, yet in others ways its exciting and freeing. I realize that I don’t have to change anything if I don’t want to, but I now have the option if I feel like a change would be more beneficial to my overall happiness.  

Is it hard to get honest with ourselves? You betcha. But in that instance I go back to Ahimsa (non-harming or kindness) and send myself some compassion that I’m exploring something difficult. So I want to ask you, are you being honest with yourself? Are you able to honestly and truthfully look into your life, your thoughts, your actions, and find what brings you joy and what brings you pain? Being honest with what brings you joy and happiness is much easier so I recommend starting with what truthfully brings you happiness. Ask yourself why does this situation/person/thing bring me joy?

Then if you are feeling up for it ask yourself if you are being honest about what situation/person/thing may be causing some uneasiness or unhappiness. What about it is triggering you? Then whatever comes up, if anything, send yourself some love and compassion. No need to make major changes, but by becoming more honest with ourselves we can become more in touch with our inner wisdom, and when needed we can take action on that guidance to create an even more joyful, happier life.



Laura HaugComment