First Chakra

The first chakra, or the root chakra, is located at the base of our spine/pelvic floor. It is related to our safety, security, survival, food, our instincts, and our potential. It is our right to have, to be here, and to take up space. Any issues with the legs, feet, bones, or large intestine could be affected by the energy of our first chakra. Not feeling grounded, centered, or provided for can cause an imbalance. These are the very basics to start understanding the first chakra.

There is a challenge or demon of the first chakra and that is fear. Fear, or as you have maybe heard it called, False Evidence Appearing Real, is an illusion that something that hasn’t happened yet. It keeps us from moving forward in life in areas that we would otherwise love to thrive in.

I’m very familiar with fear. I feel like it’s the thing I’m most familiar with. I’ve always been plagued with fears in almost every area of life. I’ve experienced fear of succeeding and fear of failure. Fear I may say the wrong thing or not say enough. Fear I’m making a wrong decision or missing an opportunity. I’ve practiced fear of love and fear of not being loved. Fear of not being healthy, getting enough sleep, or eating the right foods, and the list goes on and on and on! OH MY!

Thinking and living in fear is EXHAUSTING, trust me. What’s amazing though is to be able to push through the fears.

How do you start pushing through the fears? I like to start with something small, visualizing it going well, and then doing it. I find these smaller things in life (they vary for every person) to continue to break through the fears on. Once the confidence has been built up a bit, I start addressing the bigger fears.

When addressing bigger fears I like to look at the worst-case scenario first. I like to journal it out and ask myself, “What is the worst thing that could possibly happen?” I like to get the worst-case scenario out of the way first, because often times my worst case scenario isn’t even that bad.

Once I have completed that journaling exercise I shift gears and start asking, “What could go well?” This is where it gets fun and inspiring. This is where I build up even more confidence to continue moving forward. Once more action steps have been taken and progress is being made, I notice a trend. Fear likes to creep back in. At that point I have to reflect on if it’s fear or excitement or just being nervous. I recently heard that anxiousness and excitement actually feel the same way in our bodies, but because we are so trained to go to the negative place we mistake the excitement for fear or nerves.

Fear will always be around. Fear in some ways is extremely helpful and needed. We should be on the lookout when crossing the street to make sure we don’t get hit. Does fear need to be present in other areas of our life though? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. That is where you have to assess and decide for yourself. Is the fear your feeling really excitement?

I feel like I could write about this for days. I will stop here for now, though.

This is only one small aspect of learning about the first chakra. If you are curious about learning more on how to balance your energy, break past your fears, or to find ways to help you feel safe and secure in this world, then I encourage you to check out my Chakra Workshop Series if you are in the Los Angeles area.

This past year and a half has been a constant stream of breaking past fears. Quitting a job with nothing lined up. Starting my own yoga business. Putting myself out there on social media, which has always terrified me. I’ve been feeling this fear and moving past it on so many different levels and in so many different ways. It’s exciting when you begin to really see the progress and changes you have made that benefit and add to your life in amazing ways.

I’d love to help inspire, guide, and transition you into your hopes and dreams and realize your strength, power, and confidence on your journey.

Sending much love to you and hoping our paths cross on this journey of overcoming fears and living dreams.