Sixth Chakra

The sixth chakra is located at our third eye in the middle of our forehead. The sixth chakra is our right to see and be seen. It is the energy hub that is connected to our intuition and our ability to visualize and see things clearly. The challenge of the sixth chakra is illusions.

At my first chakra retreat this was the chakra that stood out most to me. I learned about Bhavana, a visualization technique, and began to focus on the vision I wanted for my life. Bhavana has many definitions but my favorite is defined as, emotionally charged visualization. When I first learned about our power of visualization I realized that I had already been doing that on several different levels growing up. We all are. We all are constantly creating and putting energy towards the directions we want to go. I could actually look back and see over the course of my life how I had visualized myself finding the car that I wanted, the apartments, jobs, and the list goes on. I also realized how I unconsciously was drawing not so great experiences into my life such as sickness, a car accident, and negative situations. I could finally see that we all have an ability to be co-creating our future. Sure, there are absolutely situations that happen in our lives that do we not draw to us and that we have to respond to, but we have so much power in how we respond and how we move forward.

When you reflect back on your life are you able to make any connections between thoughts you have had, a vision, or a goal and then be able to witness it coming to fruition? This could be something as small as a cup of coffee that someone brought to you without you asking that you had been hoping for, or as big as landing your dream job.

When I first start working privately with a client I always find out what their goals are. If their goals are to become healthier we explore what that would look like. How would life change for them if they were healthy? What would they be able to do that they are currently not able to? And the key component to the vision is how would it FEEL to be healthy.

When we have a clear vision of where we would like to go, have the feeling of what it would be like to achieve the goal, then we are that much closer to the vision. When you start on this path of being aware of your thoughts, actions, and goals then life starts to align with you to take you down the road you want to go. It doesn’t always go as planned (Okay, it rarely ever goes as planned) but you know you are headed in the right direction.

Other key components when beginning to visualize are to stay positive, be specific, tune into how it would feel, and begin to notice the resistance you have towards reaching your goal. It’s important to reflect on any fears or lacks of believe that it can happen. Your vision should be big enough to scare you, but so exciting that you can’t wait to get there. Let go of the ‘how’ it should happen, or the exact ‘form’ it should take, and let the Universe begin to unfold your beautiful vision. Trust the process and know that it’s okay to change your mind along the way!

If you are looking for help on gaining clarity with your vision then I would love to assist you! I’m currently in the process of creating a FREE handout for you to help you along this process. I’m also designing a program to help you gain clarity, vision, feeling, and plenty of tools to use to strengthen your ability to visualize along the way.

Keep dreaming! Anything is possible if you believe.