Fifth Chakra

The fifth chakra, or throat chakra, is located at our throat and is our right to speak and to be heard. This is our self-expression center. Imbalances in the fifth chakra can show up as sore throats, neck/shoulder pain, and thyroid imbalances to name a few. The throat chakra is our ability to communicate, to listen, and is our creative identity.

Oh how I have come to truly love the fifth chakra. The throat chakra has been speaking to me for several years now and I have actively been working on it the most. It was about 6 ½ years ago that I had gone to a naturopathic doctor to help me figure out my pure exhaustion. I was having trouble keeping my eyes open all throughout the day especially in the afternoon. It didn’t matter how much sleep I had I struggled with having any energy.

I had gone to western doctors who kept telling me I was fine, but my body was telling me something completely different. This new doctor pinpointed that I had a low thyroid and so I began taking thyroid medication. I wasn’t a fan of this as I don’t like to be on medicine but I felt so much better when I was on it. Over the years I had changed jobs, relationships, and found myself going through ebbs and flows of listening to my inner guidance and then ignoring it. The thyroid imbalance followed me around and I had to continue increasing the dosage as I found myself more and more stressed.

I eventually found my way back to yoga in a big way and started to read up more on the 5th chakra. I realized I was completely deficient. I wasn’t being heard at work, I wasn’t able to express myself in a loving way, and my thyroid was confirming that something needed to change. I wasn’t being creative, or passionate about what I was doing in life anymore.

When looking back on the time frame of everything I often wondered what the trigger was to cause the imbalance years ago. It is pretty obvious to me now. When I was in high school and college I had such amazing instructors that I was free to be creative with projects, I was listened to, encouraged, uplifted, and my thoughts were validated.

When I moved to LA it was a huge transition. I was a small fish in a very big pond with so much to learn. I had to take the role of newcomer with no expertise. I had to start working my way up the ladder to learn, to grow, and to find my new voice. Problem was, I got stuck. I found myself shutting my voice down. Not speaking up for anything, not having an opinion, not being able to be creative. I found myself working with people who just needed a hard worker and to get shit done, which I’m really good at. But, I became lost and my voice became stifled.

When I quit my job 1 ½ years ago almost immediately I was able to cut back on my medication. That was an added confirmation that I had made the right decision. It took about a year before I was able to get off of thyroid medicine completely. I had heard quite a bit that once you get on thyroid medicine that you were pretty much going to be on it the rest of your life. I didn’t believe it. It wasn’t an issue I had growing up so why should I think it’s going to be with me forever. I’m thrilled to say that I’ve successfully been off of it for more than 6 months now. I had used the tools of yoga to build up the 5th chakra to help me find more balance and self-expression. I chanted, did shoulder stand pose, journaled, listened more, spoke my truth more, and built up my voice while teaching yoga classes.

I’m not one that gets sold that we have to be stuck believing we will always have a physical issue. Yes, of course there are those times where it is a forever deal. But so much of what we experience is just our body communicating with us. This is why I love looking at the energetic/spirit side of things. It’s hard work, it isn’t always easy to look at ourselves, how we live, and have to make hard decisions to make us healthier, but in the long haul it’s so worth it.

If you were wondering if what you are dealing with could be approached in a new way then I’d love to chat with you. Taking a look deep into your spirit can be confronting, scary, and challenging, but also so freeing and healing.

Please note that I am not saying to not see a doctor or to be on medicine. It is very important and needed when we are struggling most. I do encourage you to listen to your inner voice though that may be nudging you to explore holistic approaches.

Sending much love,