The Past 6 Months

It feels like it’s been forever since I last wrote. So much has changed since mid- April. In the past 6 months I went from thinking of moving to St. Louis one day to the next day finding out I had a job offer in St. Louis, MO, and that my mom had B-Cell Lymphoma cancer. The job needed me sooner than we had expected to move but felt like the right opportunity. Through this time of change, processing, transitioning, endings, and beginnings I’ve needed some time to myself. I’ve missed writing and reaching out but am excited to get back to sharing my journey and how life can constantly surprise us.
Firstly, I am very happy to announce that my mom is in remission after going through some very aggressive chemo treatments. I’m extremely grateful to have been able to be much closer to her during this time. Her strength and the fight she has in her constantly inspires me.
Since moving back to my home state and being near my family, a lot of old emotions have surfaced for me. Patterns and beliefs and situations I felt like I had processed through and had moved on from came rearing their ugly head at times. I’ve felt a lot of frustration and confusion at times, but as I continued doing my personal practice of movement, reiki, chanting, meditating, and journaling (all sprinkled throughout the day or throughout a week), and sessions with my mentor, guidance and clarity continue to come forth.
A spiral is the vision that presented itself to me. That life and our experiences do not come in a single straight line. We may learn a lesson or have an epiphany but still come back to it later in life. The spiral I’m visualizing moves around but continues upward. Sometimes we have to revisit similar situations throughout our lives to keep showing us how much we have grown and expanded in our lives. My personality type is that I constantly want to learn how I can improve myself so that I may experience more joy, happiness, fulfillment, and to continue to be of service to others and sometimes while on this path I forget the progress made. I forget that I am already enough as I am and nothing is wrong with striving for deeper understanding and experiences. I find myself frustrated when I feel I’ve already addressed something and have to keep facing it but each time I do it’s an opportunity to see how far I’ve come and to continue to make changes that support the new me each time.
I’m able to recognize and honor myself through this transition. I’m able to see that the 22 year-old that moved to LA 10 years ago, though my essence hasn’t changed, has grown and expanded. I can now see with clarity that this transition, though super challenging at times, is reflecting back at me the changes I set out to make 10 years ago. What a beautiful gift it has been. With it have come new visions for what goals I’m setting for myself and the lifestyle I’d like to settle into. As Golden 8 Healing ebbs and flows with these changes I’ll continue to share the next steps and offerings I’ll be putting out there. Currently though, I’m still needing a bit more time to settle into this whole new life. Already excited though to get back to sharing all that I'm learning to help make any transitions and changes in your life flow more easily.