The Year of Completion!

In numerology, numbers hold specific energy and meanings behind them. I've been enjoying learning more about numerology to help find understanding within my own life as well as my clients. The numbers are broken down into 9 year cycles. You can break the numbers down to find out what the overall energy will be for the year on a universal level as well as a personal level. If you weren't already aware, I wanted to share with you the energy behind 2016 which is universally considered a number 9 year. 

A number 9 year signals the end of a cycle. It's a year of completion, of letting go, and a year of forgiveness. Begin by reflecting on the past nine years. What did you start in 2007? Any projects that may still be lingering? If you've been working on a specific project or goal for the past nine years you may begin to see a big pay off or completion this year. The energy behind this year will be a great one to finally let go. It's a perfect time to de-clutter. Take time to go through every item in your home, asking if that item sparks joy in your life. If it doesn't, get rid of it. How are your relationships? Still holding onto the idea that your ex may come back around? It may be time to finally let go and cut your ties. It may be time to reevaluate the friendships and people in your life, making sure that it represents the values you hold dear to you. It's a time to let go so that we can create space for the new. Releasing old habits, believes, and thoughts that are keeping you from shining your brightest. We all have our own gifts that this world needs. Maybe it's on a global level, or smiling and being kind to those around us. No gift is too large or too small, but we must get courageous and let go of what is no longer serving our soul's purpose. 

If you find yourself challenged with how to let go or need support on your journey, my Reiki & Intuitive Coaching sessions can help you find clarity and action steps to empower you to be free to expand into the brightest light you know you are. I would be honored to be of assistance as we face completion and forgiveness this year. 

I'm already noticing this completion energy in my life. The first of the year I was obsessed with getting rid of everything in my apartment that no longer sparked joy in my life. I was able to donate so many clothes, books, etc that had served their purpose and can now go bless someone else. I am re-evaluating what works in how I'm building my healing business (being a 'work-a-holic' is no longer serving me on a mental or physical level) and I foresee some changes happening this year to support myself in living a more well-balanced life. These are just a few of the shifts I've been noticing since the year has started. 

Please know that it takes courage and vulnerability to face endings and being open to new beginnings. Be honest and trust yourself on the decisions you need to make for your highest good this year. 

I hope this resonates with you and I'd be thrilled to work with you. I offer one-on-one sessions and programs to support you as you find release and openness this year.



Laura HaugComment