Since the beginning of the year the word honesty has been coming up for me. When I started to explore this word deeper and what it means to me, a shift began to happen. I first examined if I was being honest with everyone around me. Then I started diving into whether or not I was being honest with myself. Am I being honest with the experiences I desire in life? Am I being honest with myself about the lifestyle I would like to live? When I begin to really be honest with myself about these questions I realize that in some areas there is a disconnect because I'm not honoring my true desires out of fears. As I allow myself to just honor these feelings without pressuring myself to take action there is a certain freedom that has unfolded for me. Freedom to explore other options, to entertain new ideas, and to give myself permission to be open to any changes that may unfold. 

I'd like to encourage you to be honest with yourself; to ask yourself if there are any areas of your life that you aren't fully satisfied in. To see if you've been stifling that intuitive voice that is nudging you to a more fulfilling experience that you hadn't previously been open to. Are there any areas of your life where your values and your actions aren't in alignment with each other? Allowing yourself to explore these questions and their answers could bring you more freedom in your life and experiences.



Laura HaugComment