Feeling Derailed?

Ever feel like you have a plan in place and you are moving forward nicely with it and then something comes along to throw a wrench in the plan? For me it’s like I’m the train that has picked up a lot of steam and I’m traveling down this paved track and I can see how everything begins to line up and I’m feeling good and then something jumps on the tracks and derails me. Maybe it’s an illness, a personal attack from someone, bad news, overwhelm, lack of funds, and the list could go on. 

When we get derailed it can kick up some of our shadow side. That side of ourselves where we don’t like how we feel and old feelings can surface. This may lead to sadness, depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, self doubt, and again the list can go on. 

So what do we do to get back on the track? We all have our own processes on what gets us on track again and sometimes we may feel like we want to stay off of the tracks for a bit or even pick a new track to be on. Some bounce back quicker and easier than others. Either way, I know that in those moments we typically need some level of comfort, nurturing, and feeling seen and understood. 

I was knocked off track a bit last month and as I go through my process of resetting, I notice how much I desire to be seen, heard, and understood in these shadowy moments. I know that I can’t always expect others to give this to me because I don’t always know what that looks like from others, but I do know how to tap into my higher self for advice and how to see and understand myself. So today I wanted to share with you what my higher self wants me and others to know about the ultimate truth versus our current reality of truth. Maybe it’s something you need to hear too if you happen to be feeling a bit derailed. 

Dear Lovely,

I see how much you are struggling right now. I see the hurt, the challenge, and ultimately a heart and soul that cares deeply. I hear how much you try to describe what you are experiencing and feeling. I notice all of the efforts you make, the self care, the service to others, the deep desire you have to be free of these feelings. I feel your anxiety and stress and wish so badly I could take it away for you and transmute it into something beautiful and loving. I also know this is your decision on what you would like to do with this challenge you are faced with. You have so much more power than you know and I can see how you are afraid of it. Not knowing what it would look like to own it. What will change? Who will be supporting of you? What old stories would be transformed and what new stories would be put in place if you owned more of your personal power? 

I can feel the fear of the unknown. I can feel the lack of trust in yourself. I understand. With everything you have experienced and are experiencing this all makes sense. Of course you are feeling this way. You are not alone even though it may feel lonely. When you are ready you will transform this experience into something beautiful if you choose. You don’t have to fully let go or forget the experience but when you are ready, choose to loosen your grip on it. Choose to grip onto how strong, loving, kind, understanding, and assertive you are. But not too tightly, just enough to stand gracefully in your power as you know that you have choices. You always have choices. Become aware of the choices you are making and why and have compassion for yourself in the process. You are always doing the best you can in any moment and when you are feeling stronger you’ll be doing your best then too. Until you feel confident in the next decision you would like to make for yourself take a moment to breath. 

Breath deeply and as fully as you can. Let your feet connect to the floor. Feel the temperature of the room your in on your skin. Observe without judgement everything you are feeling in this moment and love all of it. Or set the intention to be open to loving it and finding gratitude for it if you can’t access those feelings right now. Feel how your clothes feel on your skin. Let yourself be present in this moment giving yourself a break from feeling so deeply the heaviness of the past and the fear of the unknown that lies ahead of you. Let yourself experience and engage deeply into this moment. And know that in order to launch forward we sometimes need to take a few steps back. This is all part of the ebb and flow of life. The more we can accept these moments and find gratitude in the derailment the stronger we can bounce back. Take all the time you need to reassess, question, love on yourself, and power back up. 

The world will be waiting for your brilliance when you are ready to step back into it. Here’s the thing though, your brilliance never went away even though you feel derailed, it’s always there, you may have just needed a little break from it. Keep being the incredible soul that you are. Keep bringing your essence to the table whether you are on or off the track by being true to yourself and others in a kind and loving way. You are incredible and maybe today is a great day to show it. :)


Your Higher Self


Much love and light,