Roots to Fruits

Last week I kicked off a new, year-long training by spending a week on the coast of Oregon with a small cohort of humans who are dreamers, leaders, coaches, and healers. We are individuals who hear the call for our purpose, are stepping into it by deepening our understanding of who we are, what value we bring to the table, and how best to make an impact to serve the greater good through support of others. No big deal. 

This year-long journey is called Awaken Your Life led by Andrea Leda and the retreat last week was incredibly immersive. We are learning all the tools and techniques to help others but we have to experience them ourselves firsthand and words can’t explain how epic and magical the week was. 

One of the models we work with is called Roots to Fruits. It’s the concept that the things we desire or are already showing up in our lives are ‘Fruits’. This includes the physical things we have or don’t have (money, house, physical health, etc), as well as the feelings we strive for (peace, love, inspiration, connection, etc), and the relationships & friendships we crave. This is our feedback system. We assess what is working for us and what isn’t. From here, we can begin to see what seeds we’ve planted to receive the fruits. We look at the stories we tell ourselves, our habits, patterns, beliefs, purpose, etc, to see what fruit might be growing from what seed. These are called ‘Roots’. Through the coaching work I do, it is these roots that we are digging into. We find out what roots are working for you and which ones aren’t so that we can alter those that are no longer serving you and find new ones that are more in alignment with who you are now and where you are want to go. 

I’ve been personally doing this work for awhile now and bringing to light a lot of beliefs and stories that aren’t supporting where I want to go. This retreat uncovered even more for me and I’ve walked away feeling different from the inside out. All the positive affirmations these past years to change the outside fruits were only quick fixes. It never scratched the surface of aligning ourselves to the deep inner work needed to experience and achieve what we know deep down is possible on the outside. 

Putting into words what I experienced this past week feels impossible. Epic, magical, transformative, sacred could be a few words to describe my experience but it just doesn’t do it justice for some reason. I laughed until I snorted, cried the deepest of tears, I danced, I was angry, I coached, I was coached, and I expanded my view of the world and myself. But isn’t this life? All feelings are a part of it.

I believe that we are spiritual beings having human experiences. We weren’t given guidebooks on how to do this. We suffer because our spiritual being can achieve, accomplish and access what we crave so easily, but our human nature has to integrate and try to figure out how this chaos all works. We resist the feelings and experiences we have. We look for the quick fix, the perfect mantra, the magic pill, the lottery ticket. We want to go every which way around the feelings we have, but rarely through them. Yet this is where transformation happens. To allow ourselves to experience what we keep hidden. To bring the unconscious stories, beliefs and patterns to the conscious mind and use our own personal power to decide how we want to move forward. 

I’m so incredibly stoked to be sharing this very powerful work with you. I’m excited to share more of my story, what I do, who I work with, and why I do it all because now I have way more clarity on how I want my work to show up in the world.

If you are a dreamer, leader, teacher, or healer who is an empath and struggles with chronic pain, depression, anxiety, or undiagnosed illnesses, who is intrigued by looking inward then we should talk. You are the next wave of lightworkers. It’s time to release our burdens and the burdens of others we carry so that we may shine and serve and inspire others. The world is waiting for you.