Transformation Coaching

I’ve been finding lately that there lacks clarity on what a transformation coach is. I’ve come across people who are confused on how this differs from therapy and how coaching could be beneficial. So today I’d like to break this down some on my approach to what transformation coaching is and isn’t. 

First off, my personal approach is that no one is broken. We are all capable adults who have seen our fair share of challenges in life but we are not broken because of this. We have been confused, hurt, and sometimes not fully sure on how to transform where we’ve been (if it hasn’t been pleasant) to where we desire to be. When I coach people I don’t come from a place of wondering what’s wrong but from a place of where are you feeling stuck and letting me reflect back at you the power you hold within that you’ve forgotten about or know about and are ready to unleash it into the world. This for me is the basis of Transformation Coaching. Let’s take where you are and transform it into who you want to be and want you desire to achieve.

Transformation Coaching is NOT assumptive. It IS gathering information by asking questions and intuitively listening to help reflect back at you the missing pieces of the puzzle. 

Transformation Coaching is NOT giving advice or opinions. It IS about listening, questioning, reflecting, empowering, being supportive, and for me, teaching tools and techniques when appropriate. 

Transformation Coaching is NOT about me. It IS about you, it’s about the work, which is you. You are the work. 

Transformation Coaching is NOT predictable. It IS about the dance with being comfortable with uncertainty. I can’t know what you will take away from our time together, that is up to you to do with the information you receive with our time together. You have to implement and take the actions that you feel called to take and to know you are supported in the process.

Transformation Coaching is NOT therapy. It IS a supportive space to facilitate your internal guidance. We may touch on past experiences only as a catalyst for recognition on where a behavior or pattern originated but the focus will be on what you are willing and wanting to do about it moving forward to create the change you desire. 

Transformation Coaching is NOT coach-driven. It IS client-driven. I want to know what changes you are hoping to make, how you know when you’ll get there, and provide a space for exploration around that change with tools, techniques, and powerful questions. 

These are just a few of the top bullet points to help break down what transformation coaching is and isn’t. I have personally found transformation coaching to be the missing piece for me on my journey. I have found amazing benefits in all of the work, trainings, and healers I have gone to up to this point and will continue to use and be supported by these modalities, but to help me truly transform some deep seeded beliefs and patterns is where I’ve found the shifts I’ve been looking for through Transformation Coaching.

I’ve also tried to do this work on my own without a mentor or coach or teacher guiding me and let me tell you it’s been super challenging and extends the process to get the results I was looking for. Being accountable to someone, for someone to reflect back at me what they see and what patterns they are catching that I’m not, has been priceless. For someone to hold space for me and see what all I’m capable of is radically healing and empowering in itself. 

I’m not sure if you can tell but I’m extremely stoked to be adding this modality to how I work with clients. I’m constantly training and learning new information so that I can serve you to the best of my ability. I like to think of myself as a Special Agent to elevate you to the next level in your life. The world needs us to step more fully into our purpose and it’s easier to do that when we know we have a team of people on our side, rooting for us, seeing us, and empowering us to boldly step into our personal power more fully. I know my mission is to hold this powerful space for others to elevate. 

Thanks for continuing to support and follow along this journey of mine and for trusting me to bring you information that I hope you find inspiring, elevating, helpful, and compassionate. 



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