Here's another quote that really catches my attention. The EGO is more complex than the simple statement below and LOVE is more expansive than this simple statement. For me though there’s definitely some truth to the two. When I feel I’m coming from a place of judgment or “punishment” with myself or others I recognize that it’s coming from a place of protection and to keep myself safe from whatever my unconscious may be fearful of. When I can acknowledge what the ego is trying to provide I’m able to find compassion and come from a place of love towards myself and others. Love is what is able to make that shift happen. Love is how I’m able to forgive myself first. Take a moment to see what you are experiencing right now towards yourself. Are you judging yourself? Any chance you can extend some compassion your way knowing you are doing the best that you can with what you have at any given moment? If you aren’t at a place yet to send yourself some extra kindness know that I’m holding that space for you until you can access it yourself. Sending you much love today. 



Laura HaugComment