My feelings towards questions have changed quite a bit over the years. I used to view people who asked a lot of questions as being nosy - that was the story I had told myself. I probably picked that up from someone who called me nosy for asking questions when I was younger. 

Lately though, I’ve loved the power of a good question. I’ve loved questioning what I believe and why I believe it. I love questioning my intentions and understanding myself on a deeper level.

I also love asking people questions. I’m curious about how they view the world. What does life look like through their lenses. It creates so much more compassion and understanding for others. When you know what makes someone tick and why they make certain choices in their life you can’t help but feel a connection with them. Think of all the times you wished someone would have known what you were going through and wouldn’t have been so quick to judge or criticize you. 

I love being able to sit with someone who is working through a challenge they face and help them get curious about what led them to where they are and that they have the ability to begin to change their situation. When someone responds to me with, “Oh, that’s a good question” then I know we are getting somewhere, progress is being made. 

I’m the type of person that doesn’t like to stay stagnant too long. I love growth whether it’s personal, within relationships, with my career, with my health, etc. I’m finding the power of how questions and being honest about the answers can continue propelling me forward in new, exciting and fulfilling ways. 

I find that questions truly are wonderful gifts that are free for the taking.

Now tell me, What’s one question you love to ask or be asked? 


Laura HaugComment