Everyday Power

All of us at one time or another desire change. Whether during a moment of struggle or stagnation, we may think that a big shift will bring us what we want. Maybe winning the lottery will bring that change, or finding the right relationship, or if we could just come up with that innovative idea then we would have the massive energy needed to create that radical shift. The intensity of this desire for change can, and often does, manifest a strong sense of urgency that leads us to focus on what singular ‘thing’ can propel us all the way to where we’d rather be. Rarely though is this the kind of mindset that gets us there.

Our power is in the steps we take daily. I’m talking about those seemingly insignificant action steps we often pass off as too little to really matter. Those actions are what, over time, help to shift our lives towards those grand desires we know deep down are possible.

This past weekend I flew to Portland to participate in a 3-day immersion course called Awaken Your Practice led by Andrea Leda. It was centered around entrepreneurs who have heart-based businesses and are looking to transform their fears and blocks to step into a new level of serving others (my condensed version of the weekend). The course was incredible and I experienced a major awakening. 

In the past, I would hear those stories of people having major breakthroughs and I would end up feeling jealous - I wanted a breakthrough. I wanted that experience. I thought I wasn’t good enough to have one. I thought it happened overnight. 

It doesn’t. 

I’ve been doing the work. I stepped my game up this year and made small steps to slowly build better habits. I have refined my diet more. I put more time into my personal practice, from 20 minutes to now an hour each morning. I started to replace watching TV with reading more books. These new habits were made possible by taking many smaller steps to help build them up over time. There wasn’t an immediate pay-off, but eventually over time I felt my inclination to be healthy and happy surpass my usual urges of eating junk food and staying in a depressed state.

Don’t give up. Take action, no matter how small, while maintaining an internal patience and kindness for yourself. You’ve got this. And I’ve got your back. You are never alone. 

Laura HaugComment