Repotting Ourselves

Making big decisions in life is an interesting process. Lately, I have found myself being called to take another action step towards a life I haven’t experienced first-hand but feel is possible.

As most of you know, last year I moved to St. Louis and accepted a job offer to go back into Post Production at a new media company with the hopes of finding a balance between a full time job and my life coaching/energy/yoga work. 

Recently, there was a day at work where a co-worker and I were repotting a plant into a bigger pot. I know nothing about plants so he was explaining to me how you needed to cut the outer roots to help stimulate new growth and that new potting soil & fertilizer was needed to support the plant in this new transition and new home so that it can become a fuller version of itself and thrive more. 

This fascinated me because at that time I was also intuitively feeling that another big change in my life was on the horizon sooner than I expected. I realized that in order to really begin to access the full potential I know I have within me, that I needed a new pot. I knew that I needed to cut some of my root beliefs so that I could grow in new ways. I felt like a plant getting ready to be repotted. 

So I made a tough decision to leave my 9-5 job and go back to pursuing my life coaching, Reiki, and yoga work through workshops and private one-on-one sessions. 

When we own our power in what we want and know we are capable of, making big decisions can often feel quite terrifying. We are leaving our comfort zone, yet we feel more excited and lit up than ever. The possibilities can feel endless and our spirit can be filled with faith and hope. Questioning whether you are making a mistake and being scared on how it will all unfold is a natural feeling and also part of the process. 

One of my purposes I feel I have in this life is to serve others in raising our vibrations, rewriting old stories, empowering ourselves to grow into what we may have felt was impossible but really we just needed permission to believe something different. What we desire for ourselves may not always be in line with what others deem possible, but it is essential that our desire be stronger than those who say we can’t.

It seems people feel an urge lately to make a change and more of a connection whether it be on a large or small scale. Shift is occurring across the board. When we make those shifts we need encouragement, a plan, support, and someone to believe in us and give us permission to just go for it. After all, if we can make a life for ourselves doing things that we are out of alignment with, then why couldn’t we live a life doing what lights us up?

I’m excited and scared about this new pot that I’m replanting myself into. Being scared is part of the process though. I allow those feelings to surface, I acknowledge them, and use tools to work through them. September 8th will mark my last day at a company that I am extremely grateful for. It was exactly the type of company I wanted to work for if I were to get back into that business. I learned a ton, met incredible people, gained more confidence in myself, and can lovingly release this experience to open myself up to the next. 

I’ll be rolling out some new changes to serve you better and help you gain the results you seek. I can’t wait to dive into this world that I love, that lights me up, that changes and transforms lives, and to be able to hold more of that space for others who are looking to level-up their lives with new experiences and more joy and abundance. 

Thank you for continuing to follow this journey with me. I know that I can never take my clients to places I haven’t gone myself. This past year has been a deep dive into my internal world. It’s an ongoing process, but big transformations have been made and I can’t wait to share this more with others who are looking for the outer change they desire by looking inward.



Laura HaugComment