2017 Reflection on Rebellion

As we head into the end of the year I can’t help but reflect back on 2017 and see what unfolded. I remember so clearly the start of the year. I was bound and determined to do things differently. I was ready to learn lessons and move forward with a vision I’ve been holding for myself for a long time. 

In January I realized I wanted my theme for the year to be rebellion. I can’t say I’ve ever really identified with what I view as a rebel, but I wanted to try it on. Now keep in mind my version of rebellion for myself was to follow my intuition more. Sadly, following our intuition does seem to be a form a rebellion from what I’ve seen. How can we trust this unseen force that lives within us? Even though we may have story after story of the times things went well when we did listen to it, it’s still tough to always listen to it. 

So 2017 started out with me taking a leap and signing up for a free 30 minute coaching call with a coach that was a teacher in the Integrative Wellness Academy training I took for my coaching certification. I had a hunch that I would really connect with her and that maybe someone would see what I’m capable of and hold that space for me to step into it. I had been feeling that going to the level I wanted to go to would require more support and to seek out guidance from those that are where I want to be. That 30 minute call was amazing and I wanted to keep working with her in some way, shape or form. 

My next rebellious act was signing up for a three day retreat she offered for soul based entrepreneurs in Portland, OR. The cost was more than I had spent before on a three day retreat but I felt called and wanted to see where it could lead me. That retreat cracked me open to whole new possibilities. I realized how small I’ve been keeping myself and that I am built for the big vision I have for myself and others. 

This led to so many personal breakthroughs and realizations about a consistent theme of patterns that had shown up throughout my life. I felt ready to break those patterns and feel I have made leaps and bounds in transforming these old stories. 

I continued to listen to my intuition that was backed up by a numerous amount of signs. I took a huge leap and left my job in post production in September and am in the process of seeing how this next adventure will unfold. 

The next rebellious act was to sign up for a year long training with this same coach and I’ve already been floored and blown away by the information and experiences I’m receiving. I literally have been feeling myself change from the inside out. 

I have no idea what is going to unfold from this process. I have hopes and dreams but I also want to stay open to what the universe wants to surprise me with. I’m feeling more focused and clear on my purpose. This year though has been one of deep inner reflection. I felt I have been turning inward so much more than I usually do. I’ve needed to dig deeper than before and I have a feeling I’m only at the beginning of this magical journey that is unfolding. Has it been an easy year? Not necessarily. Is this work fun? Not always. Is doing this work worth it? I believe it is. 

My rebellion theme this year took me in a direction I wasn’t fully expecting. I had a hunch some big changes were going to happen though. 

As you reflect on this past year what themes come to mind? In what areas did you follow your intuition and it went well? In what areas did you not listen to your intuition and it did not go as you had hoped? What would rebellion in your life look like?