What is your Bow & Arrow?

As we begin a new year I reflect on the below picture taken of me this past summer. It was taken in France at a Chateau built in the 12th century and the group of us were shooting sparkling arrows into a moat. I’ve loved this picture ever since I saw it and now I feel it sums up what 2017 was for me and the symbolism I see behind it as we head into 2018.

The Arrow: The sparkling arrow represents my purpose, my fire, my passion for deep connections and being of service through mental, emotional, and spiritual support with life coaching and energy healing.  It’s what I want more of in my life and I feel in such alignment by being a support system and intuitive guide to those who are ready to elevate areas of their life. 

If you had in front of you a sparkling arrow that represented your purpose and passion in life, what would it be?

The Bow: The bow itself is the equipment. It’s all the education, wisdom, experiences, intuition, support team, and all of the other tools I’ve learned and collected over my lifetime. The bow is what helps launch my fire and purpose into the world. It gives the arrow the confidence, courage, and strength to be launched forward with energy, focus, and drive behind it. 

What are all of the tools you have that help guide your arrow?

Drawing the Bow: Drawing back the bow is in my hands. I have control over which direction I want to send my thoughts, teachings, feelings, and service. It’s my piece in the creation of my life. My personal power comes from owning this part of the process.

In what ways can you actively create the direction you want to send your purpose and passion?

The Magic: I love that I’m wearing my Harry Potter Ravenclaw sweater as I’ve identified most with eccentric Professor Trelawney, who’s intuitive and knowledgable. She’s a little quirky, but she’s powerful with her visions and heart. The part we don’t have control over is the magic of the universe and how it will unfold the direction we choose to start aiming our arrows. The magic is where we have done all that we can do, we’ve put ourselves and our passions out there, and we wait to find out the feedback. If the feedback isn’t to our liking, we go back and shoot another arrow. Maybe our stance could have been tweaked, or maybe a different bow is needed. Perhaps the feeling you possessed in that direction wasn’t as strong as sending it in another direction. The magic is always reflecting back at us when we’ve hit the bullseye and when we need to make a few adjustments  to make sure we are on the target. 

This has been 2017 for me. Understanding and owning more of my empathic, intuitive, highly sensitive side of myself and all the ways it can serve and support others. It’s been about further lighting passions for service and raising consciousness to new levels. It’s been pulling that arrow back and having to track back through some uncomfortable feelings and stories in life that are no longer supporting me with where I want to go and feeling them fully so that I can release them in a big way. It’s recalibrating myself, my bow, and my arrow so that they can come more fully into alignment to hit the bullseye or at least come pretty close to it. 

And I feel 2018 is where I begin to shoot more of those arrows out into my newsletters, conversations, teachings, reiki sessions, and sharing my healing energy with more awakened souls. 

As we launch into a new year, in what directions are you wanting to send your passion? 

Where do you want your arrows to go? 

What tools have you collected to help send your brilliance out into your sphere of influence? 

How may you be holding yourself back from letting that arrow go and trusting it will land exactly where it’s meant to land?

I’m stoked to see what unfolds for you this year and would be honored to be a part of it’s unfolding. 

Shine Brightly,