Introducing KickLighter!

Well, it’s time to launch the new look & name… 

I would love to introduce KickLighter to you!

I have actually been searching for a couple of years a name that felt more in alignment for me. In June, as I was driving across the country to Portland, my mom and I stayed a night in Spokane with one of my Aunt’s. She was telling me about how my Grandma Martha had been adopted by my Great Grandfather and that her last name before the adoption was Kicklighter.

I experienced full bodies chills me when I heard this. The name resonated so deeply within me. First, because I had no idea that the bloodline I came from was different. Secondly, because I have a connection with my Grandma Martha even though she passed when I was young. 

When I went through my Reiki Master training years ago, I was led into a meditation where my Grandma showed up as one of my guides. From the stories I heard of her growing up she was always a sweet soul who loved to help others and here she was showing up to support me in the work I am doing. She and I share the same middle name, Frances, and she moved to the Pacific Northwest after her divorce. Coincidences? Maybe. But when I heard that name it all made sense to me.

It wasn’t just the connection I feel to her that caused me to choose KickLighter but also because I feel like what I do for others is help kickstart their inner light. The light within them they may have forgotten is there, that they secretly crave for, and is the missing piece to their life. I help them rediscover what already lives within them by unraveling the layers of stories, experiences, and emotions that need to be processed and examined to understand more deeply who they are and how they really want to be living their lives. 

I realize a name doesn’t make or break a business, but I really felt called to have a name going forward that represents what I am doing and having the connection of family means that much more to me. 

Thank you for being patient with me as I have processed and experienced so much these past months. I’ve felt like I’ve been going through a death and rebirth of sorts and I’m so much clearer on how I want to show up for YOU to be of highest alignment and integrity for the values I have in my life.

To kick off KickLighter, I am offering The Healer’s First Project again of 30 free coaching calls to 30 natural born healers, highly sensitive souls, and empaths. Read more here and snag your spot before they are gone.

Keep Shining,