How Is Your Environment Affecting You?

I decided to visit my parents this past weekend and admired the beautiful flowers my mom received from dad. I loved the vibrant colors, the variety, and the amazing smell.

The flowers reminded me of the environments in which we grow. A seed requires a nurturing environment with the right nutrient based soil, amount of water and sunlight to create a supportive space for the seed to develop. Reflecting on this reminded me of the quote:

“When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” - Alexander den Heijer

I feel our environment to bloom is such an important message. When we find ourselves not thriving with our health, relationships, career, etc. are we taking a look at all of the elements of our circumstances? This can include our home life, our habits, our relationships with others, and most importantly our relationship with ourselves. 

Are you in a climate that is conducive to you thriving? Or are there elements that no longer align to shine the way you’d like?

For example, if you aren’t thriving at optimal health can you see what kind of environment surrounds you? Starting with the basics are you getting enough rest, water, exercise, and eating nutritious foods to nurture your body? 

Once you’ve identified the physical environment what is the mental environment you’ve created? When your body reacts in a way that doesn’t please you with a physical ailment or unwelcome extra weight do you berate yourself for not feeling or looking better? Or do you lovingly check in with yourself with compassionate words that you’ve been doing the best you can and you’ll commit to listening to what your body needs to feel nurtured? 

Now, what does your relationship environment look like? Are you surrounded by loved ones who encourage, uplift, and support you? These are just a few ways to start to identify the environment which surrounds you with the goals you have and might not be experiencing right now. 

I encourage you to reflect on your environment and become aware of how it fills you up and supports in you blooming into your brightest self. If you notice something out of alignment observe what changes, big or small, feels like the most appropriate step to empower yourself in creating the supportive environment for your continued blossoming. 

Keep Blooming,