Demystifying The Fire

Last year, before I started the training program Awaken Your Life, I was second guessing the decision. A plethora of questions raced through my mind. Is this a smart investment? Am I capable of fully showing up? Am I really ready for this journey? How will I know if this is worth it?

I had reached out to my teacher/coach to express my fears and her response was that this program would light all of my sh*t on fire and is not for everyone. Then she invited me to stand in the flames if I chose to move forward. 

I chose to say yes to this experience because I knew there was more in me that needed to be drawn out. I wanted to be challenged on a new level. The tricky part has been to stand within the fire as my life turns upside down and to not get burned by the flames but to be transformed by them. 

My life has definitely been lit up. In all areas I am honestly looking at my life and if it’s truly what I want. I thought my life was going in one direction to a complete demystification in all areas. Not to say my life hasn’t been and isn’t incredible but something still felt missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it but my sensitivity nudged me to listen to that feeling and not push it away anymore. 

Do you ever feel like you can’t pinpoint something that you can just sense isn’t in full alignment with you? 

Oftentimes I feel like I need to understand or figure out what I can’t put my finger on, but honestly, we don’t need to always figure it out. Sometimes we just can’t and then we find ourselves in a cycle of driving ourselves crazy because there’s no tangible reason to have this feeling. 

Being a highly sensitive person, I’ve had to learn to start fully trusting those feelings and to take action on them. If something feels out of alignment then it probably is. The best thing you can do is listen to yourself on what the next step should be to recalibrate the situation. 

No one can make these decisions for you though. No one else can know how you are feeling, what you are experiencing or see things from your perspective. When you start down the path of life changes and awakening to new levels of honesty within yourself the self-trust aspect becomes crucial to the process. 

Has your life been lit up lately? Are you finding yourself in the middle of the fire trying not to get burned but to be transformed instead? 

Keep doing the internal work of asking questions and getting curious about why something feels out of alignment or is lighting you up in new ways. From the stillness ask yourself what your next step should be. Trust yourself. You’ve got this. 

Keep Shining,


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