What Lights You Up In The Darkness?

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.

This weeks words are inspired by the above quote and dedicated to those that may be experiencing some ‘darkness’. This darkness can show up as doubt, fear, confusion, unfulfilled jobs, unfulfilled relationships, illness or chronic physical pain.

No one is immune to experiencing these challenging moments. It’s a part of life no matter how much we resist it and prefer not to experience it. It’s not fun, it feels hard, and can stir up a myriad of undigested experiences held within our body, heart and mind. 

These dark times are often where we grow the most. It’s where we face our fears and feel those growing pains. The more we resist the harder it is. When we can take deep breaths, comfort ourselves, and not give up is when we are able to start to see the light growing within us and expanding out around us turning that dark room we are sitting in into a room filled with love, light, vibrancy and clear vision. 

So how do we turn on the light within us to transform this darkness? We turn inward. We find our personal light. This light within us can show up as a thought that excites us, a feeling that expands our energy, a connection with someone or something that reminds us of who we are. It can be a song that ignites the flame within, a kind message from a friend, a funny movie, a walk in nature, a cup of delicious tea. 

Maybe that light shows up as acknowledgment for how you are feeling in the darkest moments and saying to yourself, “I see you, I feel you, I acknowledge you. Of course you feel this way. Look at all you’ve gone through and dealt with. This is an appropriate response. Now, what do you want to do about it to find the light again?” 

I continue to partake in my own ebbs and flows of darkness. The light I find within those times becomes stronger, brighter, and clearer each time I’m asked to go there. There’s so much magic in those moments of feeling doubt and failure and then seeing that spark of light within that gets excited about what’s next. It gets excited about the thoughts, feelings, people, experiences, love, and expansion that comes after these tricky times. They only show up though if you are willing to be open to seeing them. Our mind is like a magnet. The more you focus on the darkness the more darkness will show up for you. When you can shift your perspective to be willing to be open to the light, then get excited - because that light has been waiting for you and has so much to reveal to you. 

Never forget you are the light - in your own life and in so many others lives too.

Keep Shining,


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