2018 Reflection

I always like to take time for reflection as I transition from one year to the next. I like taking note of the highlights and lowlights. 

2018 was a pretty insane and epic year for me. Possibly the most to date and the only way I knew how to put it into perspective was to tally up the numbers. For some details, I like to keep things close to me, but for some reason, I’m feeling called to share what unfolded for me this past year. 

In 2018: 

  • I traveled for 9 months.

  • I drove over 4600 miles through 9 states.

  • I flew over 20,000 miles including my first time to England.

  • I slept in at least 28 different beds.

  • I coached nearly 200 calls.

  • I led 6 workshops in 3 different states.

  • I experienced a countless amount of tears.

  • And there were many almost ‘pee your pants’ laughing moments.

These were just a few of the highlights that have allowed me to overcome fears, connect more deeply with others, and take my coaching & healing work to new levels. 

I know I’m not the only one who has experienced an insane 2018. For the majority of people I talked to, it kicked our asses. It was a year of illumination. Showing us the emotions, stories, patterns, and people that need tweaking. It’s been a year of heartache, wisdom, discernment and inner strength. 

I know you’ve seen the roller coaster of life as well because no one is immune to it. Can you look back and pat yourself on your back for how incredible you are? For how much you were able to handle? For how you showed up in new ways for yourself and others? 

This was a year to put into the books for me, and I’m so incredibly grateful you decided to follow along to be inspired to continue the incredible path you are on. To be reminded that change is possible (if you so desire) with the right inspired actions, willingness to learn from your mistakes, courage to take risks, and to know you are worthy of support through the whole process. 

This work I’m doing is my life's work. I no longer feel in a rush with it. I want to approach it more methodically, slow and meaningful. I want to be led by my intuition and allowing the seeds that were planted last year to sprout throughout the rest of my life.  

If reflection is part of your jam - what are you excited to see grow from the seeds you planted in 2018? 

Keep Shining,