New Year - New Pressure?

This week I was reminded of a visual around when we really want something. We have tendencies to grip onto what we crave or what we are afraid to let go of. This could be out of fear, control, lack of faith & trust, unsure if we could handle one more thing not going our way or using that grip to keep something from us. 

The visual I see is when you hold loose sand in your hand. If you just cup out your palm the sand stays, if you begin to squeeze the sand it begins to slip through your fingers. 

Yet, when do we ever get the idea, solve the problem, or get what we want when feeling the pressure or gripping too hard? 

Sometimes it works, but the shift typically happens when you can relax or do something different. Change environments, take a deep breath, listen to music, eat some chocolate, pet an animal, or do some internal reflecting. 

As we transition into a new year we may feel some pressure. Pressure to use the new year as a reset to eat healthier, work out more, have goals and intentions. A time for us to get ourselves together again. 

Maybe we squeeze onto the idea of wanting more money, a relationship, new opportunities, a need for connection, or fulfillment. Maybe the grip comes in the form of trying to control someone’s behavior, actions or beliefs. Or maybe holding onto your own past behaviors, actions or beliefs out of fear that you may not be worthy or deserving of what you seek more of. 

An identity shift is typically what is happening when we can identify what we’ve been gripping onto, what purpose it has served, and then choosing if it’s still how we want to show up in our life. 

As we make this transition into a new year with new energy what shifts are you feeling called to make? 

Can you identify what you may or may not be feeling pressure around or holding on too tightly too? 

I know for me the harder I squeeze onto an idea, goal, or vision of how I want something to go I tend to find myself quite disappointed. I’m trying to micromanage the situation (my life) and I’ve closed my hand to being able to receive any more sand.

Because in reality, it’s okay if I lose some sand naturally due to wind or a stumble, but at least I still stay open to the new that wants to be poured into my life. I have faith that I can and will survive it if it doesn’t always go my way. Heck, maybe I’ll even enjoy it going differently as planned. 

All I know is that I'm intending to be the open hand this year because I've now had enough experiences to see what joy wants to come in once I've loosened the grip. 

So what’s possible if you loosen your grip going into the new year on what you feel ‘should’ happen to make it a great year? 

Keep Shining,

Let today be the start of something new. (5).jpg