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First Chakra

The first chakra, or the root chakra, is located at the base of our spine/pelvic floor. It is related to our safety, security, survival, food, our instincts, and our potential. It is our right to have, to be here, and to take up space. Any issues with the legs, feet, bones, or large intestine could be affected by the energy of our first chakra. Not feeling grounded, centered, or provided for can cause an imbalance. These are the very basics to start understanding the first chakra.

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Ahimsa - Non-violence

Welcome to my first blog entry! I have to be honest and admit that ever since this whole ‘blog’ thing came out years ago, I’ve always thought about doing one.  I would dream up in my mind all the stories and wisdom I would write about.  I would have this grand plan to put my words out there and it would be witty, smart, funny and inspirational.  But, the idea of being judged or hearing other’s negative opinions (because why would they be positive, right?) paralyzed me.  Fear.  That little word held so much over me.

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