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Before we begin working together I ask that you read these over and make sure that you feel in alignment with them. The more that we are in alignment with each other and how we show up for our sessions together, the more powerful deep work we’ll be able to dive into.

What you take away from our time together will depend on the energy you put into it. Everyone is on their own timeline. Together we respect how and when things decide to manifest for you by trusting your intuition.


I aim to always provide a space for us to come together that feels nurturing, non-judgmental, and curious.

I call this our safe space to explore the topics that are on your heart and mind that need to be heard, valued, and seen. Through this safe space I may also challenge you in a compassionate way to support you in making the desired changes you bring to the session. This is my responsibility. It will be your responsibility on how you show up, and what you decide to do with the information we uncover.


I view you as a whole, complete, strong, and not-broken adult.

Even though I may use the word healing in our work together this comes from a place that the space we create together is for you to access your own inner healer for any areas you feel challenged by. My job is to be a mirror and support system for you during our time together. You are capable, you just may need permission to tap into your own inner wisdom and to trust it. 


There is no failure, only feedback.

Any feedback you have received in life whether it be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ is all used as a compass to what is working and what isn’t. It allows us to go back to the root of things if you are receiving undesirable feedback.


I practice my work with the intention that what we uncover together is for the highest good of all.

I trust the process, myself, and how Spirit decides to work through us. I ask that you bring this same level of understanding and openness to our conversations so that we leave room for magic and miracles to happen. 


I’m an empath and intuitive.

I use this to help support you on your path. I will not tell you what to do or how to do it, but I will offer my own insight, stories, or suggestions. You hold the power to what is best for you and I will use my gifts to mirror back at you your strength, light, and wisdom. 


I practice what I teach.

I too am doing the work. I feel I can only take others where I have gone so I’m constantly working on upleveling myself so I can take others there with me. I don’t have it all figured out but I’m consistently and passionately showing up for myself and others (YOU!)