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Do you ever feel drained at the end of your week and need to hibernate on the weekend to recover?

I so often see empaths and highly sensitive souls feel constantly drained. It can take many forms, such as chronic pain, feeling alone, or experiencing confusion (maybe even anger) on how to help themselves. And often this stems from the fact they simply don’t understand or acknowledge the fact they are highly sensitive. This is their nature, and when not addressed it leads to fatigue, depression, and the need for lots of downtime to recover. 

You’re not alone and life does not have to feel like this or be this hard. 

That little spark of hope that lives inside you, telling you that there is more to life? It’s real. And my purpose is to guide you in ways to fan that flame and empower your inner healer. You can heal yourself, and that’s what we will work on. 

Why do I feel like this?

The work starts with an understanding of why you feel like you do. Being a highly sensitive soul, or empath, you see and move through the world differently. You pick up on subtle energies that the majority of people aren’t aware of. They don’t relate to it, and therefore, they often don’t relate to you or what you’re going through. 

Being more sensitive and aware is an incredible gift we’ve been given, but it takes extra nurturing to harness that power and allow it to shine. It takes conscious effort to harness that power. When we hide from this awareness in order to ‘protect’ ourselves it only makes things worse.   

The answer? 

Tap into our personal power and trust our intuition! The more we begin to use the power we already have, we find more synchronicity, more joy, more abundance, and a magic in life that we always knew existed but weren’t sure how to access. Until now. 

Say yes to yourself and the life you desire to live by taking one baby action step today. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask yourself what would make you feel even 10% happier - then let’s start there! 

Laura is an amazing teacher and coach! She is compassionate and caring and a light that guides. Her insight and intuition are spot on. She guides you to find your own answers in a given situation by asking questions or offering insight to help you navigate the challenges in your life. You truly feel seen and heard when working with her.
— Lacy Altwine; Sound, Reiki & Yoga Practictioner

My indicator of serving my purpose is through leading my fellow empaths, intuitive and highly sensitive people to feeling lighter, more focused, shedding light on new perspectives, having you walk away feeling more empowered and better about yourself.

We all have amazing gifts to offer the world whether it be on the smallest of scales to the largest. My job is to extract your amazingness from where you've been hiding it, or helping take it to a new level that you didn't even know was possible and to thrive with it.

In my work with you,

I’m investing in you as much as you are investing in me. This is why I don’t just work with anyone. I’m great at what I do with the right people and I know I’m not for everyone, just as every Guide is not the right connection for you.

We do this work together.

What magic we make in your life will be hard to predict. We’ll start with your expectation as guide posts but I ask that you be open and trusting of the process and willing to see miracles unfold beyond your wildest imaginations.

The more we join together and rise up, the more we create ripple effects throughout our families, our communities, and in some way the whole world. Alone we can do a lot, together we can make magic happen.

I love making magic, who’s with me? 


Introduction Session

Our lives, bodies, and experiences are beautifully unique; a healing program that you invest in should serve your unique intention. My customized sessions are nurturing, nonjudgmental, encouraging, supportive, and empowering. Read more about my Bold Agreements. Sessions are done via phone.

Ready to begin?

Step 1.

In this FREE session, we will pinpoint your intention and create action step(s) to further you along your journey through intuitive coaching. In this session we will dive right into what it will be like to work together. You may receive all you need from this session or decide to work together further. Session lasts up to 60 minutes.

Step 2.

From there, I’ll develop a customized package for your inward journey. Packages range from one to four sessions per month, for six months. Rates begin at $198 per month.

My time working with Laura has been beautifully transformational. I’ve attended her yoga classes, reiki practice and workshops for several years. More recently, I began coaching sessions with Laura. I was tangled up emotionally and creatively, and her coaching has brought me back to my path. As a teacher, her approach is nurturing and calm, guiding with strength and wisdom to explore your own intuition and gifts. Laura’s coaching has helped me to tune into my intuitive abilities, find my confidence, and hone in on my purpose as a creative and as an empath. She is a true light in this world, and working with her has me believing in magic.
— Marcy Mahoney,

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