The Healers First Project

This year has been quite the transitional year for me. In the midst of so much change there was one consistent theme that kept me grounded, purposeful, and filled with clarity - serving the natural born healers. 

I’m becoming quite passionate about holding space for the highly sensitive and empathic individuals who do so much for others. To empower them to reclaim their inner strength, create a more balanced lifestyle, experience increased health, and find more alignment with their work and relationships is my mission. 

I launched this potent and transformative project in June and I’m doing it again! Join me for The Healers First Project. For a three week period (Nov. 26 - Dec. 14), I will be gifting 30 transformative conversations to 30 success seekers and sensitive souls who are looking to thrive. I’m looking for the healers, the hopefuls, the change makers, and those that are tired of being tired and ready to elevate their life through feeling encouraged and supported. If this calls to you, keep reading.