Ready for a support system of people who 'get you' and your sensitivity?

Healing The Healer is designed to support natural born healers as you tap further into your personal power. A healer is someone who holds space for others to experience their inner brilliance. If you feel called to help others, animals, or the environment you are probably a healer. If you identify with being a sensitive person to other people’s emotions, you may unknowingly be absorbing their energy like a sponge leaving you feeling overwhelmed and ill. 


  • Are you feeling burnt out?
  • Do you identify with being highly sensitive and/or empathic?
  • Are you feeling there has to be ‘more’ to life than your current situation?
  • Are you you feeling open to making the internal shifts needed to move closer to your goals?
  • Have you been looking for a support system of people who ‘get you’ and your sensitivity?
  • Are you ready for a safe space to explore your deeper soul self?
  • Are you wanting a weekend boost of rejuvenation and inspiration?
  • Are you a parent, teacher, therapist, nurse, yoga teacher, have an office job, massage therapist, anyone who holds space for others to be their best selves?

Healing The Healer Immersion is one day of self-exploration, energy clearing experiences, and deep connection with like-minded sensitive souls. The theme of this day will be Receiving. Laura Haug will be blending her three significant passions of Life Coaching, Reiki and Yoga to create a powerful transformational experience for you to gain the extra support you seek in your life. 


"My time working with Laura has been beautifully transformational. I’ve attended her yoga classes, reiki practice and workshops for several years. More recently, I began coaching sessions with Laura. I was tangled up emotionally and creatively, and her coaching has brought me back to my path. As a teacher, her approach is nurturing and calm, guiding with strength and wisdom to explore your own intuition and gifts. Laura’s coaching has helped me to tune into my intuitive abilities, find my confidence, and hone in on my purpose as a creative and as an empath. She is a true light in this world, and working with her has me believing in magic."

- Marcy Mahoney,


  1. You will be led through Gentle Yoga, Meditations, and Journal Exercises.
  2. You will receive healing Reiki Energy.
  3. Lacy Altwine will provide a Sound Bath experience for you.
  4. Explore how you receive in your life and where & why you are resistant to accepting more.
  5. There will be short teachings around asking & receiving.
  6. Opportunity for group Life Coaching & discussion.
  7. Connect with an intimate group of like-minded people. 
  8. Leave feeling reset & rejuvenated.

When we come from a place of knowing we are whole, capable and resourceful, we awaken our inner spirit to trust the tools needed to keep ourselves strong, healthy and empowered. This day is designed to support you with a deeper understanding of your highly sensitive nature, natural healing abilities, techniques to clear your energy, and to receive on all levels - mental, emotional, physical & spiritual. You’ll feel energized, grounded, connected, and rebooted to continue fulfilling your purpose as a space holder for inner awakening. If you are tired of being tired and ready to arm yourself with techniques and the inner exploration to help you step more fully into your big vision purpose, then this weekend is for you. 



We will learn about different types of energy, how it affects you, and you'll be equipped with experiences and ways to clear your energy to feel focused, balanced, and clear. 


Let's be real. We know self-care is important and probably tell others they need to implement better self-care practices. So why then do we neglect what we need to thrive? We will explore this question and help you create aligned ways to ask for what you need.


We are natural givers but what is our capacity to receive the love, money, and support needed to continue being our best selves? There will be opportunities to practice receiving and understanding more deeply why we resist it.


"Without Laura and her encouragement through her own practice and yoga and Reiki, I might not have been open to or taken the leap of faith to go to the next level.  It is so easy to get caught up in the chaos and negativity of the world, but good teachers help us to pursue our ideas based in reality and harmony.  When a teacher like Laura comes along, they help us to look within so that we become stronger and able to understand the talents we’ve been given that can add to the the world, whether that’s our relationships to family or friends or something more widespread.  Laura has helped and continues to help me to keep my channel clear.  I am grateful that I had the good fortune to meet her and that she is still part of my life and practice."

-Mona Marshall,



What is NOT included?

Travel to and from location is not included.

Lunch is not included. There are several restaurants within walking distance that you can go to during our lunch break.


The Crystal Shrine @ Their New Event Space!

1010 N. Lima Street

Burbank, CA 91505

Free street parking available.



(Early Bird Pricing of $157 before September 9th; Goes up to $187 on September 9th)

Due to the intimate nature of this weekend, Space is limited to 15 people. Lock your spot in today!


If you would like to connect to see if this is the right fit for you sign up for a free 30 minute call with laura.



About Laura

Laura Haug is an Intuitive Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Yoga Teacher. She guides Empaths and Highly Sensitive Individuals to experience more confidence in their unique purpose, enhance their relationships, find increased health, and create healthy boundaries. She blends her in-depth knowledge of these topics to create a new perspective and deeper understanding while providing action steps that align with your life through empowering experiences. Her holistic approach will leave your inner spirit feeling nurtured, inspired, and elevated. Laura leads Workshops, Retreats, Private Sessions, and Reiki Trainings.