"Laura has a wonderful light about her. After several reiki sessions with Laura, I feel brighter and more centered, with a refreshing clarity that I have sorely needed. Her energy work has helped shed light on my path, and brought me more in tune with my higher self. Her yoga classes have given me better mobility and a healthy dose of stress relief. I've also taken several of Laura's Chakra workshops and found them to be fun, educational and very inspiring. I am grateful to have found Golden 8 Healing!"
-MM, Production Coordinator

“Laura has a wonderful balance of philosophy and movement. Her class is not just about stretching and strengthening the body but also the mind and spirit.”
-LT, Illustrator 

“I searched long and hard for a great yoga teacher like Laura. She brings a great balance of both yogic/metaphysical philosophy and physical exercise into the class. Through her I’ve not only become more proficient in my practice, but also a more enlightened human being. I’d recommend her with full confidence to anyone of any level. Her personality is warm and nurturing which comes through in her teaching. Whenever I leave Laura’s class I feel fitter, lighter, and happier. She has a way of truly elevating your spirit, which is how all teachers should be. Laura is the absolute best!”
- GN, Executive Assistant, Entertainment

"Golden 8 Yoga has changed my life! I started my yoga journey 3 years ago. It started out as a physical practice, but quickly became a spiritual practice for me as well. I just fell in love with yoga and couldn't get enough. It wasn't until I started doing private lessons with Laura that I realized I could take my practice to an even deeper level.

Laura has a great presence which makes her a great teacher. She is able to read a room and situation well and adjust her practice or her teachings to fit anyone. I have attended a couple yoga retreats with Laura, taken classes with her, taken classes taught by her, attended her workshops as well as currently do private sessions with her. She is truly doing what she is meant to do and it is evident in everything she does. She has helped me find balance, grounding and an inner peace and helps me maintain that in my crazy busy life which is amazing! I feel so grateful to have her as my personal teacher.

I highly recommend attending a class with Laura, whether it be a yoga class, a private session, an Angel card reading, Reiki or one of her workshops. There is something for everyone!"

-HLO, Sr. VP, Entertainment Industry

“Never would I have thought I’d be so in love with yoga and it’s all because of Laura! Ever since I’ve been working with her I’m so much more in tune with my body and mind. When I started with Laura a year ago I was working out at the gym about six hours a week, taking multiple spin and boot camp classes along with one random yoga class. My workout regiment was so rough that taking a professional yoga class is exactly what my body was missing. The yoga classes at the gym didn’t compare to Laura’s sessions. I’ve taken friends to Laura’s classes too and they’re equally impressed with the flow of each session, her energy, professionalism and how she’s always prepared with a bag of goodies: blocks, tennis balls and blankets. I especially love that her classes are both mental and physical workouts and there’s a theme, which helps me focus. I unfortunately had to take some time away from yoga and working out because I sprained my lower back, but now that I’m back, Laura has really done an amazing job helping nurse my body into what it was before – I am so lucky!”
— CT, Writer”