Laura helped me open the door to be a more confident person, as well as being a more confident man. For the first time in my life, I was able to identify when I allowed someone to take my power. She has done so much for me in just a small amount of time.
— Steve T., Artist/Healer

Without Laura and her encouragement through her own practice and yoga and Reiki I might not have been open to or taken the leap of faith to go to the next level. It is so easy to get caught up in the chaos and negativity of the world, but good teachers help us to pursue our ideas based in reality and harmony. When a teacher like Laura Haug comes along, they help us to look within so that we become stronger and able understand the talents we’ve been given that can add to the the world, whether that’s our relationships to family or friends or something more widespread. Laura has helped and continues to help me to keep my channel clear. I am grateful that I had the good fortune to meet her and that she is still part of my life and practice.
— Mona Marshall,

Laura is an amazing teacher and coach! She is compassionate and caring and a light that guides. Her insight and intuition are spot on. She guides you to find your own answers in a given situation by asking questions or offering insight to help you navigate the challenges in your life. You truly feel seen and heard when working with her. I am so fortunate to have Laura in my life.
— Lacy A., Yoga Teacher & Sound Healer
What you take away from a session with Laura is not only something motivating from a deeper level, but something you can actually apply to make the necessary changes needed in your life, or set a clear path you’ve been searching for. Laura is a very attuned, very aware individual, yet never acts above you. She’s always working to meet you where you are and offer insights to improve your specific situation. You leave the encounter feeling that you’ve reached a new dimension somehow. It’s powerful.
— Dan N., Writer/Musician