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Elevate with Golden 8

Are you ready to step more fully into your personal power? 

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I am a Life Coach & Energy Healer Guiding Empaths & Highly Sensitive Souls to elevate their lives by increasing confidence in their unique purpose, enhance relationships, experience increased health, and create healthy boundaries. 


Do you ever feel drained at the end of your week and need to hibernate on the weekend to recover?


I so often see empaths and highly sensitive souls feel constantly drained. It can take many forms, such as chronic pain, feeling alone, or experiencing confusion (maybe even anger) on how to help themselves. And often this stems from the fact they simply don’t understand or acknowledge the fact they are highly sensitive. This is their nature, and when not addressed it leads to fatigue, depression, and the need for lots of downtime to recover.


You are not alone and life does not have to feel like this or be this hard.


That little spark of hope that lives inside you, telling you that there is more to life? It’s real. And my purpose is to guide you in ways to fan that flame and empower your inner healer. You can heal yourself, and that’s what we will work on.


Why do I feel like this?


The work starts with an understanding of why you feel like you do. Being a highly sensitive soul, or empathic, you see and move through the world differently. You pick up on subtle energies that the majority of people aren’t aware of. They don’t relate to it, and therefore, they often don’t relate to you or what you’re going through.


Being more sensitive and aware is an incredible gift we’ve been given, but it takes extra nurturing to harness that power and allow it to shine. It takes conscious effort to harness that power. When we hide from this awareness in order to ‘protect’ ourselves it only makes things worse.  


The answer?


Tap into our personal power and trust our intuition! The more we begin to use the power we already have, we find more synchronicity, more joy, more abundance, and a magic in life that we always knew existed but weren’t sure how to access. Until now.


Say yes to yourself and the life you desire to live by taking one baby action step today. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and ask yourself what would make you feel even 10% happier - then let’s start there! 


Keep Shining,

Laura Haug

Laura is unique for a life coach. She doesn’t just talk about what she knows, and she doesn’t just recite learned teaching points. She connects with what’s really going on inside of you, and then focuses her session on giving you action steps. These are not generic insights; they are specific, to the point, useful courses of action. An hour with her can be life changing.
— Dan N., Writer/Musician

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